Utah Cyber Center

The Utah Cyber Center was created to coordinate efforts between State, Local, and Federal resources to bolster statewide security and help defend against future cyber attacks, by sharing cyber threat intelligence, best practices, and through strategic partnerships.

Our Duties

The Utah Cyber Center’s duties are defined in Utah State Code 63A-16-1102. Some of these duties include the creation of a Statewide Strategic Cybersecurity Plan, receiving reports of breaches of system security as outlined in Utah Code 13-44-202 and 63A-19-405, and identifying sources of funding to make cybersecurity improvements throughout the state.

 Additionally, the Utah Cyber Center is also tasked with developing incident response plans for the coordination of local, state, federal, and private sector breaches. At the request of local governments, the Utah Cyber Center will also assist in coordinating an incident response for breaches.

 The final duty of the Utah Cyber Center is to develop a sharing platform to provide cybersecurity information, recommendations, and best practices, and threat intelligence when appropriate. 

Our Partners

At its core, the Utah Cyber Center is made up of a partnership between the Utah Government Operations Division of Technology Services and the Utah Department of Public Safety. Representing DPS in this partnership are the State Bureau of Investigations, the Department of Emergency Management, and the Statewide Information and Analysis Center. 

In addition, the Utah Cyber Center works with other local and federal partners including the Utah Cybersecurity Commission, the Utah Office of the Attorney General, CISA, the FBI, Utah Education and Telehealth Network, the Utah League of Cities and Towns, as well as the Utah Association of Counties.